Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Miller's Hardware

Terry Pratchett writes about L-space, the ability of books in large quantity to warp time and space around themselves. If you've ever spent time in a sufficiently old used bookshop, you'll be familiar with the phenomenon of the shop that appears tiny from the outside, and yet seems to have miles upon miles of bookshelves inside.

Miller's Hardware, on 29th and Regal, seems to operate under a similar loosening of the normal time-space rules. It is small and dark and cluttered, without the 20-foot ceilings and rows of shopping carts that most of us expect when we walk in a big box home store. And yet, whenever we need something for the Charming Wreck, Miller's has it. Doesn't matter what we ask for - parts for our old stove, fuses, an angle grinder, galvanized boot trays, replacement Christmas tree light bulbs, vacuum bags. Miller's has it. What's more, they employ people who know where the stock is, and better, know what it's all for. As a bonus, they know people. People who do esoteric things, like sharpen mower blades or work on old hot water heating systems or fix snowblowers. If you're not wired into the network of wily old guys who know how to do stuff, shopping at Miller's is the next best thing.


Librarian Man said...

Here, here! Miller's rocks. I'm on my way there right now...

If you've got a good hardware store within biking or walking distance in your neighborhood, do everything in your power to keep it there.

Sandra said...

Miller's is a great find. One of the few "Mom & Pop"s left in the country. I trip up there everytime I need something instead of going to Lowe's or Home Depot. I hate those stores .. you can never find what you want nor someone to help you.

Miller's you walk in the door and someone greets you with "Can I help you" and they either have what you want or will order it in for you.

I need to go there now except it is too cold.

Its good to be back in Spokane.

Anonymous said...

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Under Pressure, Inc. said...

Matt and his crew have been most helpful to me and my new business. We are tile and grout cleaning specialists and needed some specific grout seal remover. Although they didn't have it on the shelf, Matt personally took it upon himself to track down the product to fit my need. That level of customer service is uncommon today, and the reason I support my local economy.