Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's check in on the Charming Wreck

So, one of the major topics of this blog, as stated in our masthead, is "the ongoing trials of an old mostly-not-haunted Charming Wreck of a house."

Today I am happy to announce the completion of a project. We have a room we call The Nexus. It serves the same function as a hallway, except that The Nexus is more or less square with 7 doors, one linen cupboard and a telephone nook. The Nexus connects to every room upstairs (except the living room) and also grants access to the basement.

As you might imagine, this room gets a lot of traffic and it has a LOT of trim ... and doors ... and drawers ... and a telephone bench ... which have all now been painted white. The walls are gray (not yellow). The ceiling is blue (not old house white). The light fixture has been replaced with something that doesn't cast a yellow light. And The Nexus looks good. This project is done! Let the re-population of the linen closet commence!

Of course, "done" doesn't mean "finished." The Charming Wreck is far too old to ever be finished, and The Nexus is no exception. The new current house project is to complete a long delayed office remodel in the basement. Once that room is available, we can move the current office out of the guest bedroom. Then the guest bedroom (just off The Nexus) can be painted with blue walls, a gray ceiling and white trim (using some paint we happen to have left over). THEN we will re-enter The Nexus as both it and the Guest Bedroom get matching ceiling moldings to tie them together.

But all that is for the future. Today's secret word is DONE.

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