Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ginkgo Watch - May

Ginkgo Watch April 9While playing marmot paparazzi yesterday, I took Beth to meet my very bestest secret tree friend. The ginkgo is getting very green. The little buds that once radiated at regular intervals from their branches are now little fan leaves. It is nice to have a Ginkgo outside of a formal garden. Usually, you can't get close to them in those situations as they form the centerpiece of some garden trickery. Here, Beth could get close enough to show how green it really is.


The Agent of Entropy said...

I love ginkos, but man, dose their fruit stink. When crushed they have an oder that strongly resembles dog doo. The university went too had to cut beautiful old ginko down because they were planted over a walkway, and people were tracking the dog doo smelling berries into all the buildings.

Beth said...

That's why you want to make sure you only plant the male ginkgo trees. All the nice leaves, none of the mess!